The Art Of Resilience By Ross Edgley

The Art Of Resilience follows the savage, “rhino neck” human being, Ross Edgley, on his epic, unprecedented 1,780 mile swim around Great Britain. He mixes stoicism, sports science and resilience to accomplish the unimaginable 5 month adventure -- swimming 12 hours a day.  RATING: 4.4/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS "Hard work … Continue reading The Art Of Resilience By Ross Edgley

Think Like A Monk By Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty was born in London and moved to India to live as a monk for 3 years. His goal “making wisdom go viral,” is a present theme of the book and he references many different sources to encompass his way of life.  RATING: 4/5 Check it out: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS “I am … Continue reading Think Like A Monk By Jay Shetty

Being Mortal By Atul Gawande

Being Mortal shows how the ultimate goal is not a good death but a good life—all the way to the very end.  RATING: 3.7/5 Check it out: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: “ Old age is not a battle. Old age is a massacre.” -Philip Roth  If time becomes short, what is most important to … Continue reading Being Mortal By Atul Gawande

Greenlights By Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey‘s memoir is the result of honest reflection and dissection of 36+ years of journaling and life experience. Rating: 4.8/5 Check it out: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: The problems we face today eventually turn into blessings in the rear view mirror of life. In time, yesterdays red light leads us to a green … Continue reading Greenlights By Matthew McConaughey

Stillness Is The Key By Ryan Holiday

Drawing from history's greatest thinkers, Ryan Holiday gives a modern definition of stillness, presents examples and lays out how it can be achieved. RATING: 3.9/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” -Blaise Pascal Who is so certain that … Continue reading Stillness Is The Key By Ryan Holiday

Irresistible By Adam Alter

Technology is constantly evolving to be more addicting. Irresistible tracks the rise of behavioral addictions and explains why so many of today’s products are impossible to resist.  RATING: 3.9/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS The people producing tech products were following the cardinal rule of drug dealing: never get high on your … Continue reading Irresistible By Adam Alter

Breath By James Nestor

Breath By James Nestor is a fascinating book about the powers of breathing, how they are underutilized and when functioning at peak, can improve your well being. Breath dives into thousands of years of medical texts and recent cutting edge studies plus some personal anecdotes from the author. RATING: 4.3/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS or AMAZON … Continue reading Breath By James Nestor

Mans Search For Meaning By Victor E. Frankl

This classic bestseller is broken into two parts. The first tells the chilling stories from Victor’s experience at concentration camps. The second half goes deep into his psychiatric studies following those tough times. The two parts are linked together and show how meaning, even in the most harshest and hopeless of times can be found.  … Continue reading Mans Search For Meaning By Victor E. Frankl

Learned Optimism By Martin E.P Seligman

Learned Optimism focuses on over 20 years of clinical research to show optimistism in society and the evolutionary benefits of pessimism. Martin Seligman, assisted by other prominent psychologist's, predicted MLB/NBA records, presidential elections, and how effective employees/students will perform solely by analyzing speech patterns for optimism. The book also has tests that you can use … Continue reading Learned Optimism By Martin E.P Seligman

Do Nothing By Celeste Headlee

While the title screams generic self help, Do Nothing is far from it. Rather than preaching tips on how to optimize your time, the book analyzes history and nueroscience to show how we have been conditioned to work hard even at the cost of our mental and physical well being. Packed with tons of interesting … Continue reading Do Nothing By Celeste Headlee

Resisting Happiness By Matthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness is a religious take on how to live to your fullest potential. Originally, the rough draft for this review was bashing the book for lacking depth or any original takeaways. But after reviewing it again there are a lot of insightful takeaways. It seems like God is referenced every other sentence mixed with little … Continue reading Resisting Happiness By Matthew Kelly

Crucial Conversations By Kerry Patterson

Crucial conversations arise everyday and could have a huge impact on the quality of your life. They can be any conversation that are tough, delicate or sensitive to talk about. They can happen in business or day to day life; particularly in situations where stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong.   This … Continue reading Crucial Conversations By Kerry Patterson