The Five People You Meet In Heaven By Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom books are often short, heartwarming and perspective changing. This one is no different. The Five People You Meet In Heaven is about a character named Eddie that dies and encounters 5 people who didn’t impact his life while he was alive, but upon the reflection of his life in Heaven, give him perspective. Another Mitch Albom book worth checking out, even more so than this one, is Tuesday’s With Morrie

RATING: 3.3/5




• All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.

• Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.

• Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s supposed to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to.

• You have peace, when you make it with yourself.

• Parents rarely let go of their children, so children let go of them. They move on. They move away. The moments that used to define them – a mother’s approval, a father’s nod – are covered by moments of their own accomplishments. It is not until much later, as the skin sags and the heart weakens, that children understand; their stories, and all their accomplishments, sit atop the stories of their mothers and fathers, stones upon stones, beneath the waters of their lives.

• In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.

• “Fairness does not govern life and death. If it did, no good person would ever die young.”

• Life has to end. Love doesn’t.

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