How Minds Change By David McRaney

How Minds Change is a scientific exploration into belief, opinions and persuasion.

RATING: 3.9/5




• Riches are irrelevant. Just find happiness with someone, and you’ve got it made. All the materialistic things are just loaned to you. Happiness like that isn’t loaned. It’s yours.

• There is no superior argument, no piece of information that we can offer, that is going to change their mind. The only way they are going to change their mind is by changing their own mind—by talking themselves through their own thinking, by processing things they’ve never thought about before, things from their own life that are going to help them see things differently.

• The world, as you experience it, is a simulation running inside your skull, a waking dream. We each live in a virtual landscape of perpetual imagination and self generated illusion, a hallucination informed over our lifetimes by our senses and thoughts, updated continuously as we bring in new experiences via those senses.

• There are more than thirty steps in visual processing before an image reaches consciousness. You are only aware of the result, not the processes.

• We must avoid debate and start having conversations. Debates have winners and losers, and no one wants to be a loser. But if both sides feel safe to explore their reasoning, to think about their own thinking, to explore their motivations, we can avoid the dead-end goal of winning the argument.

• ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein

• I feel I change my mind all the time. And I sort of feel that’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being – to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking.

• Can you change your mind? If you cannot, it’s not you doing the thinking. You’ve adopted someone else’s viewpoint.

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