The Art Of Resilience By Ross Edgley

The Art Of Resilience follows the savage, “rhino neck” human being, Ross Edgley, on his epic, unprecedented 1,780 mile swim around Great Britain. He mixes stoicism, sports science and resilience to accomplish the unimaginable 5 month adventure — swimming 12 hours a day. 

RATING: 4.4/5



    “Hard work is so often the answer. The question is so often irrelevant.” – Ross Edgley
  • Navy SEALs believe when your mind is telling you that you’re done, that you’re exhausted, that you cannot possibly go any further, you’re only actually at 40% done. 
  • “In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these means, man can attain perfection.” -Plato
  • It’s not about learning a lesson, it’s about practicing a lesson. 
  • “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.” -Zatopek
  • Becoming dehydrated by just one percent impacts performance. 
  • Sometimes the best athletes aren’t the strongest, fastest or fittest, but they are the best at suffering and enduring pain. 
  • “When you are stressed by an external thing, it’s not the thing itself that troubles you, but only your judgment of it. And you can wipe this out at a moments notice.” -Marcus Aurelius
  • “Seek not for events to happen as you wish but rather wish for events to happen as they do and your life will go smoothly.” -Epictetus 
  • A Sustainable heart rate in ultra-endurance events (over six hours duration) ranges from 50 to 75% of your maximum heart rate. For most of us, this is the heart rate range of 110 to 160 bpm. 
  • Endurance athletes require daily protein intakes greater than either BodyBuilders or sedentary individuals to meet the needs of protein catabolism during exercise.
  • Your mood, emotions and mental well-being can have a profound impact on your resistance (and perception) to fatigue.

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