Sentence By Daniel Genis

If you’re curious how prison is, this is an honest representation from an articulate inmate on his 10 year sentence through the correctional system. In that time, books were his anchor, entertainment and guide. Highly recommend. CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS | AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: • One can purchase so much in a prison yard. Packs … Continue reading Sentence By Daniel Genis

Between Everything And Nothing By Joe Meno

As a white male born in the United States, this is a humbling, eye opening story about the struggles and injustices asylum seekers face on their journey for freedom and a better life. Rating: 4.5/5 Check it out: GOODREADS or AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: Who we are, why things are the way they appear to be—all … Continue reading Between Everything And Nothing By Joe Meno