Liftoff By Eric Berger

Liftoff follows the rise of SpaceX, specifically, the team formation and trials and tribulations of the four do-or-die flights. RATING: 4.3/5 CHECK IT OUT: GOODREADS | AMAZON KEY TAKEAWAYS: • If you want to become a millionaire, start out as a billionaire, and found a rocket company. • The largest object NASA has ever sent … Continue reading Liftoff By Eric Berger

Packing For Mars By Mary Roach

Rating: 3.75/5 Recommended for: anyone with an interest in all the weird nasa training and test experiments throughout history. KEY TAKEAWAYS: The suffix 'naut' comes from the Greek and Latin words for ships and sailing. Astronaut suggests 'a sailor in space.' The most stressful part of being an astronaut is not getting to be an astronaut—it’s not … Continue reading Packing For Mars By Mary Roach