The Power Of Less By Leo Babauta

Power of Less offers extremely generic tools to streamline your life by identifying the essential and eliminating the unnecessary. The basic principles of this book include: simplifying your goals and commitments, cutting down on anything that’s not top priority and focusing on the task at hand.




• “With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

• Make gradual changes, in a series of small steps over time, and you’re more likely to stick to those changes than if you attempt a big change all at once.

• Anytime you find yourself procrastinating on an important task, see if you can break it into something smaller. Then just get started. Once you’ve gotten started, you will gain momentum, and will have broken through the initial resistance barrier.

• To simplify anything, you must first become more aware of it.

• Slow down and enjoy every task.

• Do one thing at a time, and do it well.

• Find the stressors in your life, and find ways to eliminate them.

• Sprinkle simple pleasures throughout your day. Knowing what your simple pleasures are, and putting a few of them in each day, can go a long way to making life more enjoyable.

• Clutter is a form of visual distraction, and everything in our vision pulls at our attention. The less clutter, the less visual stress we have. A simple home is calming.

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