Educated By Tara Westover

RATING: 3.8/5



  • You can love someone and still choose to say goodbye to them, you can miss a person every day, and still be glad that they are no longer in your life.

  • It’s strange how you give the people you love so much power over you.

  • I began to experience the most powerful advantage of money: the ability to think of things besides money.

  • Curiosity is a luxury for the financially secure.

  • An education is not so much about making a living as making a person.

  • The thing about having a mental breakdown is that no matter how obvious it is that you’re having one, it is somehow not obvious to you.

  • “The past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, & thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.” —Virginia Woolf 

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