I’d Like To Play Alone, Please By Tom Segura

Short post this week.

Tom Segura is a comedian and podcaster. This book is mostly entertainment and stories so not many takeaways, hilarious nonetheless.

RATING: 3.8/5




• What happens when someone dies. “The world goes on.”

• If you’re a comedian, writer, actor, painter, director, dancer, or any other type of artist, you can make your dreams happen. You can have the career and the life that you dream of. The only thing I did was believe I can do it, and I took action. You must do the same.

• Every person learns with time and experience.

• I think, to be a great conversationalist, you need to be interested in being in said conversation. Oddly enough, I think you need to be a great listener.

• Standup is essentially part of your personality with the volume turned up.

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