I’d Like To Play Alone, Please By Tom Segura

Short post this week.

Tom Segura is a comedian and podcaster. This book is mostly entertainment and stories so not many takeaways, hilarious nonetheless.

RATING: 3.8/5




• What happens when someone dies. “The world goes on.”

• If you’re a comedian, writer, actor, painter, director, dancer, or any other type of artist, you can make your dreams happen. You can have the career and the life that you dream of. The only thing I did was believe I can do it, and I took action. You must do the same.

• Every person learns with time and experience.

• I think, to be a great conversationalist, you need to be interested in being in said conversation. Oddly enough, I think you need to be a great listener.

• Standup is essentially part of your personality with the volume turned up.

One thought on “I’d Like To Play Alone, Please By Tom Segura

  1. Bullet 2 rings true for me. People turn away from the struggle it would take, but then five years pass working service jobs and by that point they could have started to see success if they had been developing their craft or building their portfolio. It’s not that life gets in the way, it’s that they let life get in the way.


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