Moneyland By Oliver Bullough

Moneyland is a term coined by author Oliver Bullough to describe the hidden, offshore network that oligarchs, diplomats, and the financially powerful use to transfer and protect wealth.




• Estimates for the total amount stolen each year from the developing world range from a massive 20 billion to an almost unimaginable trillion dollars.

• For the US to be like Russia today, it would be necessary to have massive corruption by the majority of members of Congress as well as by the Departments of Justice and Treasury, and agents of the FBI, CIA, DIA, IRS, Marshall Service, Border Patrol, state and local police officers, the Federal Reserve Bank, Supreme Court justices, US district court judges, support of the varied organized crime families, the leadership of the Fortune 500 companies, at least half of the banks in the US, and the New York Stock Exchange.

• The top 10% of Russians own 87% of everything, a higher proportion than any other major country.

• In just the decade after 2000, the richest 1% of the worlds population increased its wealth from 1/3 of everything to half.

• Gabriel Zucman, a French economist estimates that 8% of all the worlds financial wealth was held in tax havens in 2014: $7.6 trillion, out of a total of $95.5 trillion.

• The International Monetary Fund estimates that between two and five cents out of every dollar earned worldwide is illegal.

• Russians are alleged to have used Polonium-210 on those who threatened Moneyland. Polonium-210 is perhaps the deadliest substance on earth: a millionth of a gram, less than a speck of dust, will kill a human. The worlds yearly output of the metal—about 100 grams—could kill everyone in Britain, with enough left over to kill most of France.

• According to citigroup analyst’ research, the top million households in United States had approximately the same wealth as the bottom 60 million household.

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