Shadow Divers By Robert Kurson

  • If an undertaking was easy, someone else already would have done it
  • When things are easy a person doesn’t really learn about himself. It’s what a person does at the moment of his greatest struggle that shows him who he really is. 

  • Most men, it seemed to them, went through life never really knowing themselves. A man might consider himself noble or brave or just, they believed, but until he was truly tested it would always be mere opinion.
  • If you follow in another’s footsteps, you miss the problems really worth solving.
  • Excellence is born of preparation, dedication, focus, and tenacity; compromise on any of these and you become average
  • If you want more, you have to be more

  • Examine everything; not all is at it seems or as people tell you
  • It is easiest to live with a decision if it is based on an earnest sense of right and wrong
  • The guy who gets killed is often the guy who gets nervous. The guy who doesn’t care anymore, who has said, “I’m already dead—-the fact that I live or die is irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the accounting I gave of myself,” Is the most formidable force in the world
  • The worst possible decision is to give up 
  • Many dead divers have been found inside shipwrecks with more than enough air remaining to have made it to the surface. It is not that they chose to die, but rather that they could no longer figure out how to live.
  • They would conduct themselves according to Prussian principles: discipline, order, honesty, tolerance, reliability and loyalty. 
  • If a deep-wreck diver stays in the sport long enough, he will likely either come close to dying, watch another diver die, or die himself. There are times in this sport when it is difficult to say which of the three outcomes is worst.

  • Life is a matter of luck, and the odds in favor of success are in no way enhanced by extreme caution.

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