Bullet Point Reading strives to deliver simplified takeaways from books for everyday life.

Covering a variety of non-fiction books; my goal is to share noteworthy facts, insights, quotes and takeaways in a clear, concise bullet point format. Topics include Psychology, Philosophy, Self Help, Business, Historical and many more!

My name is Duke Dahl. My passion for reading ignited back in 2018 after I suffered a snowboarding injury that left me immobilized for over a month. Reading was my main source of entertainment. During that time I discovered the https://www.reddit.com/r/52book/ thread–challenging people to read a book a week. After finishing 33 books in 2018 and 35 in 2019, I had completely forgotten the information.

The “forgetting curve,” as it’s called, is steepest during the first 24 hours after you learn something. Exactly how much you forget varies, but unless you review the material, much of it slips down the drain after the first day, with more to follow in the days after, leaving you with a fraction of what you took in.

That’s when I decided to switch from a passive reading style to actively reading. Bullet Point Reading was created to capture the key takeaways in an easy format so they can be reviewed, reflected on and shared!

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