Breathe: A Life in Flow By Rickson Gracie

Breathe chronicles the journey of Rickson Gracie and the Gracie family who pioneered what is today known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.





• Our fears don’t stop death, they stop life.

• If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle.

• In life, when presented with any situation, breathe, take your time, focus and then decide what to do.

• If you do not speak up when it matters, when would it matter that you speak? The opposite of courage is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

• Don’t be rushed, be sure.

• When setting a long-term goal, find the pace necessary to achieve it.

• Sometimes it’s not about escaping but about finding whatever comfort you can in hell.

• A person breathing normally uses less than 50 percent of the lungs’ capacity.

• No matter how much knowledge, love, money, or advice you give a child, they will fly once their own wings are strong enough. They with chart their own courses through life. A father must accept his children for who they are, not who he would like them to be.

• Nothing can be a hundred percent positive or a hundred percent negative.

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